Strategic Communications

The Strategic Communications business unit provides our Clients with the experience of communications managementto support them in all processes of strategy, financial communication, crisis and change management. We take up the challenge of supporting companies with ambitious projects that need to convey positioning to the market and create consensus on industrial projects, with with advocacy and institutional relations activities.


We stand by our Clients in designing integrated communication plans to improve reputation and awareness with actions targeted to all stakeholders, defining and coordinating positioning, messages and channels, online and offline.


We care for our Customers' financial communication with the Highest Standards of Quality and Confidentiality to effectively convey valuable information to the market.


We stand by our Clients in designing the best communication strategy towards public decision makers, aimed to represent goals and projects, based on suitable scenario analysis, regulatory developments and risks.


We support companies and organizations in relations with territories and stakeholders to foster consensus on projects and goals, on the basis of integrated online and offline projects.


We protect the reputation of our Clients and their management by working on the preparedness and training of people as well, through crisis analysis, simulations and an effective procedures' design.


We support our Clients in special situations related to extraordinary financial, industrial or market transactions (e.g. IPOs, M&A, restructuring, management turnover) or even transitions (green, digital, generational).


We develop strategies for our Clients to enhance the reputation and media presence, online and traditional, of their voice and the voice of their top management: we identify the most suitable speaking platforms and work to enhance the network of institutional relations.


We merge internal and external communication, online and offline tools, to promote among employees the spread and sharing of corporate purpose.

Relations with the Territories

We support our Clients in relations with their target territories to improve their reputation, to reduce crisis risks, and to promote consensus on projects and goals.


We provide Clients access to our network of relationships with all national, generalist and vertical media to valorize their image, their products and their management: we range from corporate and financial to lifestyle and consumer communications.

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    Strategic communications
    Il nostro impegno per Leonardo ha visto lo sviluppo di un progetto di rebranding, con la costruzione di un nuovo sito internet e l'accompagnamento del management aziendale su nuovi fronti di comunicazione interna ed esterna, con particolare focus sui contenuti digitali, la strategia SEO e la creazione di format studiati sia per i media che per i dipendenti (employer branding)
    Banca Generali
    Creazione Canali Social
    Banca Generali
    Abbiamo curato l’apertura dei canali social di Banca Generali definendone la strategia di comunicazione, il piano editoriale e realizzando operativamente i contenuti necessari per implementare il piano stesso
    Enel X
    Content strategy and community engagement
    Enel X
    Contribuiamo alla produzione e curiamo l’amplificazione di contenuti. Partecipiamo allo sviluppo di communities accompagnando Enel X nell’evoluzione della mobilità elettrica. Collaboriamo con Vaielettrico di cui siamo co-founder e con una rete di influencer per aiutare a promuovere un’informazione corretta contrastando le fake news.