We are communication professionals.

We work together with companies and institutions to support them in developing and implementing their own communication strategy through innovative processes that allow them to achieve their goals in the most effective way.

Our expertise will help you to arrive at the most advantageous position for your company through a consolidated network of relationships which involves publishing groups, media, institutions and opinion leaders.


Andrea Prandi

CEO & Founder

Daniele Tonelli


Mauro Tedeschini

Executive Advisor

Massimo Degli Esposti

Consulting Editor

Arianna Geli

Digital Marketing Account

Carlo Frioli

Media & Communication Account

Ezio Nini

Executive Communication Advisor

Angela Lippa

Event Manager


It is not enough to tell about innovations if the content is not properly packaged.
That's why we have numerous Online Medias and Offline Events among our partners.
In addition, we have a strong internal editorial board.

Media online

Offline events