We are communication professionals with a diversified background: people with company and agency experience, engineers, designers, journalists, digital innovators, and sustainability specialists.

We want to help our customers achieve their business goals in the most effective and fastest way.

Our methodology allows us to understand if a company is proposing content that is correct in form and manner towards its target and to identify the best engagement strategy.


We believe in the dialogue between humanistic and technical-scientific culture.
We are journalists, economists, engineers and designers. But above all, we are people.

Andrea Prandi

CEO & Founder

Daniele Tonelli


Mauro Tedeschini

Executive Advisor

Massimo Degli Esposti

Consulting Editor

Arianna Geli

Digital Marketing Account

Paola Gervasio

Consumer Media Relations

Agostino Ferrari

Executive Advisor

Giuseppe Lucido

Media Relations Advisor

Edoardo Chiesa

Communication Advisor

Claudio Caramadre

Business Manager




We carry out a detailed evaluation to understand if companies are communicating with their target, identifying opportunities for improvement.

Strategic Advice

Strategic Advice

We analyze business goals, offering the most effective skills and tools to achieve them.



New digital technologies and the demand for sustainability are redesigning relationships between people. We support companies in the process of transformation and adaptation to social mutations, identifying the drivers of change.



We create content to promote products, services, and corporate values, using our network to accelerate the traditional lead generation process.



For us, crises also represent a relevant opportunity to enhance the strengths of a company and its management towards the market, the society, and its stakeholders.


Telling stories of innovation is not enough without the right packages

For this reason, we have built an ecosystem tailored to the customer dedicated to communication, ranging from publishing houses to social media. We founded the specialized site Vaielettrico.it, a reference point on sustainable mobility in Italy. We are also among the creators of Buongiornalismo.net, an editorial alliance that collects renowned websites in economic, financial, and specialist information, to ensure correct and quality journalism. We feed and monitor over 50 social communities related to sustainability issues. And some of our collaborators are contributors to relevant tech, economic, and consumer newspapers.

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